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Click here to apply to host a Board Fellow. Please aim to have all host applications in by May 15, 2018. 

Invest in your Nonprofit's Future -- Host a Board Fellow 

Net Impact Boston matches local Boston Nonprofits with high quality, professional candidates for a 1-year volunteer board fellowship.

Board Fellows are supporting local nonprofits in more than a dozen key areas, including those listed above.

Selection Process

Non-profit host organization applications are evaluated on organization mission, community impact, and ability to benefit from the Board Fellows model. We also take into consideration the nature and scope of the proposed project(s).  Board Fellow applications are evaluated on experience (work or otherwise), skills/expertise, education, and areas of interest.  Matching periods occur in the spring and fall of each year.

Once Host Organizations and Board Fellows applications have been received and reviewed, a matching process takes place. Selected Fellows are asked to rank the available organizations and projects based on their level of interest, expertise, etc. Once the initial ranking process has been completed, Net Impact facilitates the matching process and works with each side to ensure a strong fit and successful partnership. Above all else, Net Impact Boston strives to make high quality, mutually beneficial matches based on complementary skills, interests, and needs. Thus, even for those organizations and individuals who meet all of the requirements for the program, a match is not guaranteed.

Expectations of a Host Organization

  • Develop a clear and reasonable strategic project for the Board Fellow to complete during the year-long fellowship

  • Establish a dedicated Board mentor to help Board Fellow navigate the organization

  • Conduct a formal introduction to the organization/Board

  • Invite Board Fellow to participate in all Board activities and decision-making (with understanding that the Fellow is a non-voting member)

  • Establish norms and expectations for Board participation

  • Keep the Board Fellow up-to-date on organizational developments and provide information and support necessary for the Board Fellow to complete the scoped project

  • Have a minimum annual budget of $100,000 and have at least three active members of the Board of Directors


Please email boardfellows@netimpactboston.org with any additional questions or concerns.

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